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Transcript: Kevin Pritchard Postgame

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    The following is a transcript of Kevin Pritchard's comments regarding Greg Oden's injury during the win versus Houston on December 5.

    "Well, tonight was a setback. There’s no doubt about that. Taking Greg back to get the x-rays was a challenge. We got back there, we got the x-rays, and when he finally found out that the patella was broke, he was down. One thing that was pretty interesting throughout this … tells you what kind of kid he is, he kept wanting to know what the score of the game was. So every time we went by a tv out the back or he asked me to check the score on my Blackberry. And that’s the kind of kid he is. He’s likely to miss the season. That’s challenging because he’s come back from a pretty tough injury or two. You guys know him. He’s a great kid. He’s going to bounce back from this. We’ve got to become a stronger team because of this. We’ve got to all rally because of our injuries, but all the other teams are having some challenges and we’ve got to step up. There are some guys who really need to step up. Greg, that’s a tough one, but we’re going to help him as much as we possibly can."

    What was his mindset, his demeanor, his attitude like?

    "We were trying to get the x-ray done as fast as we could and we actually had to go upstairs to have it. Before, he was down. He’s human. And then when we finally found out it was broke, then some emotions welled up in him, which again, you can expect that. It was amazing, he just kept coming back ‘What’s the score of the game? What’s the score of the game?’ Dr. Roberts and Jay did a great job of kind of keeping everybody calm and putting out exactly what we’re going to do, the plan, put that in place. He’s going to be fine. He’s going to be fine."

    Did he suffer the injury as he was lifting up?

    "I’ve seen the replay. Yeah, it looked like it was just a non-impact where he’s just trying to explode from the ground to make the block. I don’t think he got hit. It’s the same knee he hurt at Golden State Warriors. I guess it’s just kind of a freak accident."

    How does this affect the future of the franchise?

    "Anytime you lose a player of Greg’s stature, we’re not going to be as good. We’ve built this team to stand some injuries. The challenging part for me is sometimes life’s not fair, you know? I’ve seen this kid work his tail off. He has put in the work. He has done absolutely everything we’ve ever asked him to do, and more. And he’s going to go through that again and I know that’s going to be challenging for him. Look, we’re here, we’re going to help him any way we can and he’s going to fight back. I guarantee it; he’s going to fight back. What comes back, I’m not sure. But he’s going to fight it and he’s going to come back as best he can."

    Do you feel like it might be time to do something roster-wise?

    "I’d like to get past tonight, but maybe it’s time to look at that."

    What might that be?

    "I don’t know. Right now I’m just trying to support all of our injured players. That’s our big thing. We want to make sure we’re doing everything we can for them."

    Have you ever been a part of so many guys getting injured?

    "Never. Never. Never. This is the most injuries. From Nate to some of our assistant coaches to Mr. Allen. Never been a part of something like this. But we’re going to stay strong. We’re going to fight through this. You’re character is defined during the tough times, not the easy times. You’re going to see that. We’re going to pull through this."

    Is there a sense of shock right now?

     "I told everybody when I was back in the locker room with Greg, I felt like it was a punch to the gut. I felt it when I came back out. I felt the energy of the building was down. Everybody was not really thinking about the game. The whole crowd. And then we started to make a little run and they got back into it, which shows how great our fans are, that they care for Greg, they care for Rudy, they care for Travis, Batum, Jeff, Patty. They care about that stuff. "

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