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Kevin Pritchard On The Camby Trade

  1. Written by: caseyholdahl

    The following is an excerpt of Kevin Pritchard's remarks to the media regarding the acquisition of Marcus Camby.

    Marcus Camby: A Look

    Born: Mar 22, 1974
    Height: 6-11
    Weight: 235 lbs.
    College: Massachusetts
    Years Pro: 13
    Photo Gallery

    Marcus Camby Through His Career

    Career Stats:
    PPG: 10.5
    RPG: 10.0
    BPG: 2.6
    APG: 1.9
    SOUND OFF: Messageboards
    Reaction on Trade
    Coach Nate McMillan's remarks
    GM Kevin Prtichard remarks

    "We’ve liked Camby for a long time. We’re going to miss Travis and Blake, but this team has shown so much heart, we feel like we needed to give them a chance to make the playoffs. And if we make the playoffs, then see what happens. It came down to we feel like it gives us a great chance to make the playoffs."

    There was a report that Camby talked to you and had a negative reaction to the news.

    Pritchard: "I haven’t talked to him directly. We’ve talked to his agent. What he said was he’s excited. He’s going to miss being in L.A., he’s going to miss being a part of that team. Quite frankly, all players are like that. Then he said he’s excited and he looks forward to being here and trying to help us win. So I don’t think that’s going to be an issue."

    Does this change expectations for this season?

    Pritchard: "I want to get him here and see how it looks first. We feel like he’s a dynamic defensive player that affects the game on that side of the ball as well as anybody in this league. As you’ve seen the last 10, 15 games, our defense has suffered, but offensively we’ve been pretty good. So it addresses a need and hopefully we can become a better defensive team because if we do that, we’ve got guys who can put the ball in the hole. We’ve got talented offensive players. We think it’s a good fit for us."

    Is there any chance he can play tonight?

    Pritchard: "I don’t think so. We’ve still got to go through the physical process."

    Are you done dealing?

    "Oh, who knows? I don’t see anything on the horizon but you never know what tomorrow can bring."

    Did you set out to get a big man as soon as Przybilla went down?

    Pritchard: "We wanted to take a look at the team, how they were doing. I’ve got to give a lot of credit to LaMarcus and Juwan and Dante and Jeff. They did a great job. This is nothing against them but we felt like we needed one more big to compete with the Western teams. Camby has done it in the playoffs. He’s been very successful. He affects the game so much on that side of the ball that we felt we needed that."

    Did Camby previously playing with Andre in Denver play at all into the decision?

    Pritchard: "Sure. That, along with a couple of our coaches – Bill Bayno knows him well, recruited him at University of Massachusetts – of course those relationships make a difference. Talking through that and knowing what Marcus is, we felt good about it."

    Who is Marcus Camby based on your research?

    Pritchard: "Well he’s a great competitor. He really rises to the occasion the bigger the game. And he’s a guy who can go out there and get 20 boards in one night. He reminds me a little of Andre in the fact that as plays are being called, he knows that offensive set when he’s on defense as well as anybody. He does a great job of talking through that. He takes a lot of pride on that side of the ball. We needed that. We hear he’s a phenomenal locker room guy. He’s good with the young guys. His toughness and his presence will help us."

    The initial impression is that Camby is being rented for 27 games. Would you consider keeping him around long-term if things go well?

    Pritchard: "Sure. One thing that Mr. Allen has always said is if you do what’s right for the organization we’ll take care of you. Look, we’re going to date here a little bit. We know what he’s about, but we’re looking forward to getting to know him even better."

    Is this a sign from you that just because a lot of guys are injured doesn’t mean you’re not in the hunt for this year?

    Pritchard: "Here’s the thing: this team showed so much heart to get to where they are right now, I felt like we needed to step up and help the team as much as we could. We felt like Marcus does a great job on filling the need we desperately have to have if we’re going to make any sort of a push in the last 27 games."

    There were reports that Camby was upset with the trade initially.

    Pritchard: "That’s not the reports we’re getting back. Talking through his agent, he sent that message that he’s excited and looks forward to being in a playoff run. We’re in this playoff stretch these last 27 games and if he plays well and we sort of rise up, we can do some damage."

    What have been your conversations with Steve and Travis?

    Pritchard: "I talked to both of them this morning. They’ve meant so much to us. We probably can’t describe how much. Both of them were a little sad … You look at all of our guys. Any time we do a trade now they’re good people, good human beings. And you never know what is going to happen in the future."


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