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Q & A With Armon Johnson

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    Armon Johnson has taken little time off since being selected by the Trail Blazers with the No. 34 pick in the 2010 Draft. Though he's already been awarded his first contract, Johnson continues to be a summer mainstay at the Trail Blazers' practice facility, working out with the likes of Brandon Roy and Elliot Williams in anticipation of training camp.

    In between workouts, Johnson talked to Casey Holdahl of about his life since averaging 11.6 points, 4.2 assists and 2.2 rebounds during the Las Vegas Summer League.

    Casey Holdahl: Congratulations on getting your first contract. How did it feel to get that taken care of?

    Armon Johnson: It felt like all the hard work was worth it, finally paid off. I’m trying to keep working and earn my position on this team.

    Casey Holdahl: What have you been doing since summer league?

    Armon Johnson: Just basically working, trying to get in as much work as possible by myself. We had Rookie Transition program, so that was very good for me, very helpful for me. After that I got back in and got straight back to work.

    Casey Holdahl: Did you get to spend any time at home?

    Armon Johnson: No time at home. After Rookie Transitions I came right back (to Portland). This is where I’m at, getting to work and trying to become one of the better players on this team.

    Casey Holdahl: How have you liked Portland so far?

    Armon Johnson: The weather has been real nice. It’s kind of an adjustment right now because I was traveling to so many different cities during pre-draft and now I get to stay in one place. It feels very comfortable. It feels like, when I’m relaxing it’s like ‘Dang, am I supposed to be going somewhere right now?’ But I get the chance to relax and just go to the gym, come back home, relax, eat right and prepare my body for the season that’s coming up, training camp.

    Casey Holdahl: What are you doing to prepare yourself? Any points of emphasis?

    Armon Johnson: Just trying to get better at any areas I feel I have weaknesses in. Taking any suggestions from the coaches and staff around here, trying to prepare my body and become a better player.

    Casey Holdahl: You’re outside shot looks like it’s dialed in.

    Armon Johnson: That’s definitely been one of my focuses. I’m also trying to improve my strength and make myself more solid in every area of my body. Also watching Brandon Roy, a lot of different things that he does, because he’s the best player around. I’m glad I have the privilege to be around him and learn a lot of things from him.

    Casey Holdahl: Have you worked out with Brandon a lot?

    Armon Johnson: Today was one of the first times I’ve had. I’ve just been watching him. When I do get the chance to watch tape of the team, it’s going to be helpful for me.

    Casey Holdahl: Are you taking any time off before training camp?

    Armon Johnson: I’m not sure yet. I’m just taking it one day at a time. If they feel like I need to take a day off then I’ll listen to their suggestions and take a day off. But right now I’m just going at it and trying to become better in every area I can.

    Casey Holdahl: How much are you looking forward to training camp?

    Armon Johnson: I’m definitely looking forward to that. Right now I’m just looking forward to working with these coaches any chance I can get. Training camp is definitely coming up and I’m trying to stay healthy for that.

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