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Brandon Roy Plans To Play More This Offseason

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    At the end of last season, Brandon Roy was adamant that he would set aside a significant amount of time in the offseason to rest. After playing 2,903 regular season minutes during the 2008-09 season and an extra 238 physically-punishing playoff minutes in six games against the Houston Rockets, Roy was in need of some down time.

    So he headed back to Seattle to relax, and hang out with his family, and lounge poolside and relax some more. Sometimes he road the bike and every now and then he lifted some weights, but when it came to basketball, Roy went cold turkey. Didn't shoot. Didn't play pick up games. Didn't camp out at the Trail Blazers practice facility. And that was fine.

    “I’ve beginning to come out of my rest phase,” said Roy in July of 2009, “but not really playing basketball. Just exercising. I’ll start biking again this month, lifting some weights. I feel like I’ve taken a good month, but I’m still a month away from playing basketball on court and shooting and things like that.”

    So from mid-April -- the end of Portland's 2008-09 season -- to sometime around the end of August, Roy didn't play basketball in any meaningful way. And after playing 3,141 minutes in a six month period, that was probably a wise decision.

    But this offseason, Roy is changing tack. Instead of sticking to non-basketball exercise, he's taking up basketball much sooner after a "slow start" start to 2009-10 season, a start Roy says was slow due in part to his lack of basketball workouts during last offseason.

    "I'm going to play more this summer," said Roy. "I think I'll play more. It's just better for my rhythm. Basketball is something I can't really stay away from. I just feel like I'm a better player when I'm always playing. I'll be smart about, but I'll play more basketball this summer."

    At least that's the plan. Roy insists his right knee, which was scoped on April 16, feels fine, but the team doctors still have to sign off when it comes to offseason on-court workouts for the three-time All-Star.

    "Right now my knee still feels good," said Roy. "The doctor, he wants me to continue to do the least amount of basketball related activities on the court as I can this summer time, try to keep my knee as fresh as possible. Just try to work. The only way you're going to get better is working, but I've got to be smart about it."

    Last year, Roy had two reasons to take it easy when it came to offseason workouts. There was the issue of health, which was the primary factor in Roy's decision to step away from basketball, but there was also the issue of his unresolved contract negotiation.  Roy, as players often do when in the midst of contract negotiations, made an extra attempt to keep from exacerbating any existing or chancing any new physical ailments while waiting for a deal to get done. He also declined an invitation last year to the USA Basketball minicamp in Las Vegas, which might have had something to do with the pending negotiations with the Trail Blazers.

    But with that negotiation over and done with, Roy now has one less impediment to keep hims from working out on court in the coming months.

    "I think it will be different (than last offseason) in the sense that I'm going to play a little bit more this summer," said Roy. "I'm a rhythm guy. I feel like I'm better when I'm playing and working. I'll play more and still be smart with my body."

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