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How to avoid domain name front running

The Internet has numerous opportunities to help your business flourish in Australia. It has improved the way businesses work and have made them capable of contacting opportunities globally in a very easy way. But roses come with thorns, and you should not become complacent with all these wonderful opportunities, but rather beware of the whole lot of scams that are out there to snap your deals unknowingly and posing numerous threats and hazards to your businesses.

All of us know that the base of an internet business is a registered domain on the internet. In order to start your online presence you will have to register a domain online.

Domain registration, involves a preliminary search for the trusted domain sellers to buy your domain name. But the important thing is deciding what domain name would be best for you. For this you will have to do a little bit of Domain name search before you register your domain to a registrar. At this step a very common issue arises when you are not able to decide on the name and keep on searching through your options there. Sometimes it happens that whatever domain names you want to register comes with a higher price as compared to others. It's because of an issue we call domain name front running. Through this scams catch the searched names and buy before you do in order to sell it out at a higher price.

In order to avoid such a situation you can take following precautions:

  • Always make a list of your desired domain names before you search them on your selected registering site.
  • Never search up your desired options online here and there on forums, use a search engine to check their availability.
  • Grab the domain instantly when you find it available on the registration site. If you wait for a few minutes it could get caught by the domain name front runner.
  • Don't share your ideas online to ask if you have selected the best name.

In this way, your domain registration process will be safe from getting into the domain name front running, and it will be far easier and cheaper to buy a domain.

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